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Duración: 1 Día.
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Module 1: Power Apps Canvas App.
Focuses on the basic concepts involved in building Power Apps Canvas apps. You will learn how to:

Connect to data sources and filter results based on specified criteria.
Work with screens and navigation.
Use controls, properties, formulas, and actions to customize the user experience.
Display the logged in user’s name.
Configure app settings.
Save and share an app.
Run an app on a mobile device.

Module 2: Microsoft Dataverse.
Introduces you to the Microsoft Dataverse. You will learn how to:

Create and customize a custom table.
Use the Form control.
Save data into the Microsoft Dataverse using the Form control.

Module 3: Power Apps Model-driven App.
Introduces you to building Model-driven Power Apps. You will learn how to:

Create a standalone Model-driven app.
Customize forms for the Model-driven app.
Use a Business Process Flow to guide users through a process.

Module 4: Power Automate.
Introduces you to Power Automate. You will learn how to:

Create a flow that is triggered when a new Microsoft Dataverse row is created.
Automate sending approval requests.
Customize the approval based on the Microsoft Dataverse row.
Use the Approval center.
This app development course lets you experience the possibilities of building great business apps without writing code—in a single day. The course provides free technical training for both IT and business decision makers.
To participate in this training, you require an internet connection, and you will use the web version of the Power Apps Studio, which will run in a browser: Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, or Safari.
At the end of the day, attendees will understand how to:
•  Digitize business processes.
•  Work more efficiently and enable digital transformation in the workplace.
•  Easily connect all applications and share data with Dataverse.
•  Create custom business applications without writing code.
•  Build sophisticated business processes and complex data relationships within applications.
•  Learn how to bring apps to life by connecting them to a variety of data sources.
•  Securely share apps across the organization.
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